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First Time for Everything....

While preparation for any event, I will forever and always say to start at least two weeks in advance. To some this may seem obsessive especially when the event is not too far from home but more often than not there is always something more that needs to be done to complete the display, no matter how much pre-planning you do. My event with Superfine NYC was no different than the rest in that matter. I did not know what to expect from an event of this scale so I took extra time to make sure all was captured. There were a ton of other bits and pieces that were tacked on leading up to the event, such as getting thank you stickers, figuring out my display before hand, and a big one, making sure the coordinators had my labels. It may not seem like much but paired with daily responsibilities and working a full-time job, time needed to used sparingly and smart leading up to the week of the event.

On day one, opening night, set-up was a race against the clock to have everything up and cleaned before doors open at 5pm. Each artist was given a blank wall to turn into their own with artwork, decorations, and more. Essentially, it is like setting up a mini gallery, which is the most strenuous part to any art event because again pre-planning is only a piece of the puzzle. While on site the template layout was useful in figuring out which pieces looked good next to one another but there was still realtime spacing considerations between each one to make the wall look visually pleasing to see. And luckily, I had two extra hands to assist with this process and was blessed that they were there to help especially given that I had a 8ft. long wall to fill. With just a hour and half to space before the event, I quickly changed and we grabbed a bite of eat along with a celebratory drink to job well done.

When doors finally opened people slowly started to trickle in, then crowds, and next thing you know you're having a wonderful conversation with a stranger connection through art. This, I find to be one of the most beautiful thing about art fairs; sharing a moment in time with someone you know nothing about and relating to one another on deep emotions that arise from the visual of the room. And being that my artwork is very spiritual, you can image some of the conversations I’ve had with others. From sharing personal experiences, to tears of understanding, smiles brought on by connecting, and hugs of support; these are moments I will never forget! Out of all my years of displaying my artwork, have a meet such a large number of people at once that have accepted me, my artwork, and see the world similarly. It touches my soul to have been able to share these connections and drives me more to get my artwork heard by other. Yes I said “heard”, that is because each work tells a story and each message, I believe, is meant to be heard by the right person hearing it at the time. Life can be funny that way and that moment in time at Superfine NYC has shown that to me.

Believe it or not my exhibition with Superfine NYC was my first time being apart of an event at that scale. I have participated in many art fairs prior to this one but they have always been (1) day events or an opening night with multiple days that follow. Not to mention there were three wonderful concepts; (Wo)man (feminine power and art), Myth (whimsical & dreamy art), and Magick (LGBTQ+ artist & art) all coming together as one for a (4) day event. The sheer amount of talent in all three would make anyone’s mouth drop in amazement and I am so grateful to have been apart of it all. Not only was every artists work beautiful in their own unique way but each artist has a beautiful soul too! They were supportive, helpful, and the conversations with them at the event were just as touching as the ones with the guest. This event was moment to cherish and never forget. Thank you to everyone that stopped by for support, to everyone that stopped to have a deep conversation on life and the universe, to every artist that took a moments time to chat about our passion, and big thank you to those who bought a print or original piece of artwork!

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